About us


AJ is an artistic and passionate photographer who continues to deliver timelessly gorgeous photos that exceed expectations time and time again. With over 19 years of experience and a natural talent for photography, AJ’s interpretation of a moment and his ability to capture it create stunning and artistic photos for a lifetime of meaningful memories. AJ’s passionate and down-to-earth personality encourages maximum comfortably with the brides, grooms and families to capture just the right feeling and expression for breathtaking photos. AJ prefers natural environments and back drops to give a glamorous and elegant look that is realistic and beautiful. Studio backdrops and implemented artificial backdrops are never used at AJ Studio. AJ’s style is as unique as each of his photos.

AJ had recently been one of 25 photographers who was chosen from a worldwide search for the most talented upcoming photographers. As one of the chosen photographers, he had the privilege of attending the prestigious Texas School of Photography in the USA where he spent two unforgettable months studying with three of the most renowned photographers; Joe Buissink, Denis Reggie and Bry Cox. During this time, AJ traveled to 17 states for an intense learning program taught by some of most respected photographers in the world. Being selected was an honor and a once in a lifetime experience which is presented to very few each year. AJ was the first Pakistani to be chosen for the program.